Hall of Fame Members

From Left to Right: Mike Wampold, Johnny Palazzotto, Leon McGraw, Jimmy Clanton, Jackie Porta, wife of the late Ray Porta, John Hutchison, Babs Stapleton, Felix Weill and Bonnie Richardson.

The 2017 Hall of Fame Honorees

The Baton Rouge High School Hall of Fame has its origins in the mid 1980’s as first being known as the BRHS Athletic Hall of Fame. Through the years, interest in honoring so many accomplished and noteworthy graduates resulted in the BRHS Foundation (formerly Alumni Association) agreeing to the creation of a broader scope Hall of Fame to honor and celebrate graduates and faculty from many areas of achievement. Those members of the original Athletic Hall of Fame now are listed in the contemporary BRHS Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame is comprised of former students, graduates, faculty and administrators that have made significant achievements in many aspects of their lives. They have made selfless contributions of time, talent and treasure to their neighbors and community. If a BRHS teacher or administrator, they have made a positive and measurable impact on students and campus life far beyond their assigned duties. They are accomplished at the highest levels of their professions. Hall of Fame members have represented and fostered well the ideals of giving and dedication to community, family, learning and philanthropy.

The Hall of Fame as of May 24, 2017

Name                                                                     Graduation Yr or Position

Abercrombie, W. Arthur 1962
Abraham, Cal* 1931
Abraham, Jr., Joseph* 1924
Aby, Charles* 1925
Airhart, Jackie Lee * 1950
Alexander,  Reine* Principal
Allphin, John 1947
Anderson, Morris S.* 1933
Arrighi, Shirley* 1927
Bevan, George 1965
Blakewood, Eldred G.* 1945
Bloodwell M.D, Robert 1948
Bombet, Dr. Leon H.* 1941
Bonanno, Patrick V.* 1955
Boudreaux, J. L*. “Buddy” 1936
Boudreaux, Richard Lee 1966
Bozeman, Henry* 1939
Bozeman, Oscar* 1942
Brantley, John B. 1969
Brown, Ellis Faculty
Browning, Janice H.* 1938
Buchmann, Molly 1967
Bullion, Larry* 1931
Burge, Dennis “Pete”* Principal
Burris, Josie* Faculty
Cadwallader, R. C. “Dick” * 1931
Carnahan, Carolyn Woodfin 1957
Christopher, William “Billy” 1939
Clanton, Jimmy 1956
Clark, E. M. “Ned” 1951
Collier, Ann Mosley* Faculty
Collins, Harold 1944
Collins, Reynolds “Big Rip”* 1937
Curtis, Leonard Red * 1939
Daly, Jan Faculty
Dardenne, Jr.,  John “Jay” 1972
Darouse, Merlin “Smokey”* 1951
Day, Anon D.* 1933
Day, Kenner* 1934
Day, LaVerne* 1926
Day, Redus Edward* 1923
Day, Winston R. 1963
Day, Sr., Billy* 1939
Delaville, Marion “Rabbit” Staff
Denny, Floyd L.* 1930
Dobbs, John Faculty
Dubois, Charles M. 1939
Dumas, W. W. “Woody”* 1934
Dunbar, Frances* Faculty
Eaton, Greg McCarroll 1966
Eaton, Mary Frey* 1941
Faucette, Lee Principal
Ford, Clifford “Soupy”* 1932
Fortier, Lee * Faculty
Freeman, G.”Chester”* 1948
Freeman, III, George C. 1971
Fridge, Gen. Benjamin W.* 1931
Friedlander, Miles 1952
Gerbrecht, John Faculty
Gilbert, Charles Coach
Gladney, M. D., Thomas* 1930
Golsan, J. L.* 1936
Goodwin, Randall 1950
Gourrier, W. B. “Bat”* Coach
Granger, George* 1928
Guillot, Mary Lee Principal
Hardin, Billy 1960
Harris, Sulcer* 1939
Harris Jr., Wendell P. 1958
Harrison, Claud R* 1942, Coach
Harrison, Elmer Lee* 1936
Harp Jr, James O. 1978
Harp, Ted 1951
Haymon, Cordell 1961
Haymon, Odis F.* 1940
Helveston Sr., O. M. “Butch”* Coach
Helveston Jr., O.M. “Butch” 1964, Coach
Higginbotham, W. B.* 1924, Coach
Higginbotham, Jr., Col. W.G.* 1949
Hill, Charles W. “Chuck” 1965
Horton, Frank* 1938
Humphreys, David 1969
Hutchison, John “Hutch” 1956
Jenkins, Col. Gordon L. 1960
Johnston Mickey Lee* 1969
Johnson, Richard “Rick” 1964
Jones, Murphy Neal 1956
Jumonville, Felix* 1938
Ives, C. A. “Fatty”* 1918
Kean, Jr., R. Gordon* 1938
Keaton, James* “Jim” Coach
Kimball, Dorothy “Dot” Cutrer 1944
Kinchen, Gaynell “Gus” 1956
Kingrea, Rick 1967
Kirkpatrick, Wayne 1979
Koontz, John 1986
Lambert, Samuel* 1926
Landry, Francis A.* 1938
Lang, W. R. “Papa”* 1938
Lignos, William “Bill* Faculty
Lobdell, W. Y. “Bill”* 1929
Lockwood, Lee J.* 1937
Loftin, Michelle Finnegan 1973
Lombard, Jr., Mrs. J. E.* Faculty
Longsdorf, Marjorie G.* Faculty
Major, Mrs. H.A* Faculty
Mansur, Woodrow* 1939
Martin, James J, “Jim” 1934
Mathews, Sharon Faculty
McDonald, Michael “Mike” 1964
McGraw, Leon Coach
McKee, Gwen Mclin 1958
McVadon, Rear Admiral E. A. 1954
McVea, M. D., Charles* 1925
Michael, Al* 1937
Michael, Johnny* 1938
Michael, Sara Millican* Faculty
Michaelson, M. D., Julius* 1939
Monget, N. Gayle* 1935
Montet, Bud* 1931
Montalbano, Mickey 1944
Moore, Margaret Landry* 1939
Moore, W. Henson 1958
Moreland, M. D., Joe A.* 1946, Team Physician
Moyse, Jr., Hermann* 1938
Netterville, Jake L. 1956
Niles, Stewart* 1939
Norckauer, Mary E. 1940
O’Neill, Patricia 1960
Odom, J. Huntington* 1947
O’Quin, William “Bill” 1963
Palazzotto, Johnny 1966
Palmer, J. Stan 1941
Pellar, Janice Harvey 1969
Pettit, Jr., R. L. “Bob” 1951
Poirrier, Hillary C. “Hickey” 1955
Porta, Ray “Coon”* Coach
Post, Bryan Simmons 1959, Faculty
Prescott, Edwina Redfield* 1936, Faculty
Pressburg, Joel* 1927
Pugh, Mercedes Ewell* 1938
Pugh, Nina Nichols* 1941
Pujol, Irene Faculty
Rabb, Warren 1956
Rabenhorst, Harry* 1918
Rebowe, Philip 1974
Richardson, Bonnie Baker 1971
Richardson, Jr., Roger W. 1947
Rockhold, Loyd* 1939
Roberton, Joe “Lefty”* 1938
Roberts, Clarence* 1942
Romero, Elizabeth Landon* 1940
Rosenthal, Jules S.* 1936
Roux, Jules* Coach
Ruth, Gerard Adam 1948
Saia, Frank “Tickie”* 1940
Sanders, A. T. “Apple”* 1944
Sanders, A. T. “Little Apple” 1968
Saurage, Donna Maddox 1957
Schmulen, Carolyn Rosenthal 1934
Schmulen, M. D., Carl A. 1966
Slaughter, William “Bill” 1960
Spencer, Robert W. 1947
Stapleton, Babs Baker Ware 1969
Sternberg, Josef* 1945
Stockwell, E. E.* “Eddie” 1929
Stokes, N. S.* “Sleepy”* 1930
Stovall, H. H. “Hank”* Coach
Strange, M. D., Charles “Bo” 1957
Sumrall, Lois Anne Richard* Principal
Taylor, James  C. “Jim” 1954
Thompson, Ivey A. 1942
Tucker, J. D. 1939
Turner, James R. 1960
Voss, M. D., Harold M. 1947
Wampold III, Milford “Mike” 1971
Wax, B. W.* 1936
Walter, Gerald 1954
Weill, Felix 1965
Weill, Gary Julius * 1968
Weill, Lynn Schmulen 1966
White, Darrell D. 1964
White, Walter Scott 1952
Womack, Floyd W. “Flop”* 1942
Womack, Milton J.* 1944
Woolfolk, M. D., Allie* 1936
Young, Charles* 1933
Young, Henry* 1932
Young, Sr., E. M. “Ed” Coach
Youngs, Fred 1953

*Indicates Deceased