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Their future is counting on you.

Your generous gifts allow us to continue our legacy of excellence.

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What our scholars will accomplish is made possible by the support of our alumni and community. Because you choose to support one of the top public schools in the nation, our students are able to thrive and maximize their full potential.

We invite you to contribute to our annual appeal today! We offer memorial and honorarium options as a meaningful way to further your loved one’s legacy.

Should you be interested in making a sustaining commitment to our mission, we encourage you to learn more about our multi-year pledge program, The Legacy of Excellence Society.

How your gift will be used:

This year’s annual appeal will be dedicated to purchasing 10 new Smart Boards for use in the classrooms. New Smart Boards now allow teachers to:

  • Store content from multiple days of teaching
  • Share multiple screens with other computers
  • “Pinch and zoom” in and out of images, scroll up or down
  • Add charts or diagrams
  • Share documents with students and give feedback
  • Allow students to make presentations
  • Demonstrate complicated techniques or concepts
  • Work with students in the classroom and those learning virtually at home

Your generosity fuels their tomorrow.