2019 Reunion Planning Starts Now

Class of 1998 – Reunion Tour

2019 Reunions are already being scheduled. We have a few tips for those class years planning an upcoming reunion on what to do now at 9-12 months in advance.

You can download our Reunion Planning Guide here: Reunion Planning Guide 2018
This guide provides valuable information such as a planning schedule, social media practices, venue and hotel suggestions with contact information, helpful hints from both BRHS Foundation staff and past reunion planners, information on how the BRHS Foundation can assist you, an invitation template and more!

Suggested from the Reunion Planning Schedule, your top priorities 12 months out are:
1. Forming a reunion planning committee. This can be anyone in your class but we suggest keeping it to around 5-7 members. 
2. Finding contact information for all of your classmates.
3. Finding a venue and setting a date.

Finding Classmates

1. Contact Stephanie Webb in the BRHS Foundation office at sgriffin@brhsfoundation.net for a class list. Our lists are not always 100% accurate but they are a great place to start! We love for our alumni to send us their updated contact information whenever they move–encourage your classmates to do this!

2. When keeping up with your class list, we suggest using Excel. You can download this template to keep track of all relevant information: Class List Template

3. As a part of your planning committee have one person who is in charge of keeping the class list. However, it is important that all reunion planners are active in searching for missing alumni.

4. Facebook and other social media outlets are great resources for finding classmates and getting information out. However, remember that not everyone is on social media. If you cannot find a classmate on social media, try to reach out to them in other ways. Maybe another classmate still keeps up with them and has an email address or phone number. Do not rule out sending invitations in the mail. The added personal touch is a great way to make more people feel welcome to the reunion.

1. If you want to give your classmates a voice on picking the date, try to set up an online poll with no more than three date options. Pick the date that works for the most people and remember that you cannot please everybody. Some people won’t be able to make the reunion, and that’s okay, hopefully they can make the next one!

2. Holiday weekends might seem like a good idea, but they are almost always the least attended reunions. As of June 1st, the BRHS Foundation no longer schedules school tours on holiday weekends such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

3. If you plan on including a school tour as part of your reunion check with the BRHS Foundation Staff before picking dates. School events take top priority, as well as ACT and SAT testing dates. It is first come-first serve for reunion groups whose reunions are on the same weekend. We already have three reunions on our schedule for next year! See schedule below for dates that are unavailable for tours in 2019.

SAT and ACT Dates in 2019 are: February 9March 9April 13May 4June 1June 8, July 13, and August 24

Reunions already on the Schedule for 2019: Class of 1964, April 27; Class of 1969, June 29; Class of 1989, June 29.