The Year of Extraordinary









I like to jokingly tell the faculty and staff at Baton Rouge High School, “You make our job so easy!”

That job is to tell you, alumni and friends who give so generously to the Foundation, about the achievements, awards, new programs, individual honors, national recognitions, etc. of our students and teachers. And to tell you how much your support is needed and deeply appreciated.

This year you have been instrumental in the growth of the number of Advanced Placement Scholars by funding the AP College Springboard Curriculum; which we have funded every year since 2010.

A Robotics program was established this year – again, solely funded with alumni donations.

The Orchestra harp has new strings thanks to you; a small thing perhaps, but not to an aspiring freshman harpist. Unfunded needs are met because we believe there should be no barrier, large or small, to a student’s educational goals. There is still time to make your donation for 2017 and I ask that you make a gift today.  We are committed to continue providing funds for the above mentioned programs and we can only do so with your help.


2017 A Year of Transition

Not by design but Mother Nature had another plan. In July of 2016, we completed the successful Raise Our Standards High Campaign, ready to plan and begin an annual member appeal program in 2017 when the great Flood of August hit south Louisiana. The annual appeal planning was put on hold while we worked on helping our students and teachers recover.  They needed some sense of normalcy, to make sure their day to day classroom life was not disrupted. Again, you answered the call to help and we raised enough money to replenish the Teacher Resource Fund. The students impacted by the flood did not have to worry about paying their class fees and teachers did not have to go without classroom supplies.

Despite the tremendous challenges of 2016, there was never a pause in achieving, in learning and in the commitment to excellence by the teachers and students. Which is why we called this year’s fundraising, ‘everyday extraordinary’.  You were an integral part of that extraordinary and we thank you. 


2018 The Next Extraordinary

As I look back over the last few years, I’m encouraged at just how many alumni have joined us in our mission of support.  Next year, we will launch a traditional annual member appeal; we have so much to tell you about our goals for the teachers and students at BRHS. We will launch a brand new website in the spring so we can better keep you informed and a part of the BRHS experience. Please keep in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our Banner News emails.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, faculty, staff and students we are so grateful to you for your support, encouragement and commitment to Our Legacy of Excellence and for giving back to dear ol’ Baton Rouge High. We send our best wishes to you for a healthy and happiest New Year.



Lauren Ford

Executive Director