You Are a Big Part of Why BRHS Is Extraordinary Everyday

Alumni support is been a critical part of the highly touted Advance Placement programs and classes at BRHS. College Springboard, the program taught in all of the 9th grade English classes to prepare students for the rigors of AP classes, is solely funded through alumni giving. 

Your donations have also provided tools and equipment for much of the Advance Placement classes – vital needs that would not have been possible but for you. Senior Calvin Morris, our current Spotlight On feature, is a great example of the the amazing impact Advance Placement programs have on students. When asked why he chose BRHS, Calvin says:

BRHS had the most opportunities for me compared to other high schools. It had a wide range of AP classes, a variety of writing opportunities, and an Orchestra. And when I visited the campus I felt comfortable. I felt like it was a place I could develop into the idealized version of myself I wanted to be and be better.  This year my course load is AP Calculus BC, AP Music Theory, AP Physics C, Creative Writing, AP English Literature, Advanced Orchestra and AP European History. “

Your support is needed to make sure Calvin and all the students at BRHS have what they need to continue toward their educational goals..and to continue to be extraordinary, every day. Please make your annual member donation today!  To give click here: Everyday Extraordinary