Upcoming 2018 Reunions

Reunion planning starts NOW! Many of our class reunion planners have already started planning for their 2018 reunions. If you have an upcoming reunion (for 2018 or later), make sure to check out our Reunion Planning Guide 10-2017 — which can always be found on the Contact page of our website.  

Not a reunion planner? We still need your help! Reunion planners often contact our office to get class lists with updated Contact Information. If you want your reunion planners to find you–you want to update your Contact Information with us! You can do that on our website HERE. By filling out this form, not only will your reunion planners be able to find you when your reunion comes around, but you will also receive a FREE Baton Rouge High School Alumni window cling!

Reunion dates for 2018 are listed below. Make sure to check out the Events page on our website in the coming months to find out more information about these Reunions.

2018 Reunions

1958 60th Reunion – April 21, 2018
Contact Name: Bill D’Armond – wdarmond@gmail.com 

1968 50th Reunion – April 14, 2018
Contact Name: Buddy Porta

1978 40th Reunion – Date Pending
Contact Name: Nanette Bahlinger – brmhs78@gmail.com 

1988 30th Reunion – July 28, 2018

1993 25th Reunion – June 23, 2018
Contact Name: Pam Frederick Lerch

1998 20th Reunion – May 26, 2018
Contact Name: Ramy Mousa

2008 10th Reunion – June 16, 2018
Contact Name: Krystal McMahon