Back to School Advice From Our Experts

It’s back to school time again, and with school starting next week, we interviewed some of our BRHS experts for their greatest advice on how to start the school year off right. Who are our experts? Well, they are both BRHS teachers and BRHS seniors in the National Honor Society. 

We asked some BRHS Teachers “What advice would you, as teachers, give to students for a successful year?”

Use your planner & meet deadlines for assignments
-John Underwood, Science

There are several ways to organize your planner to help you meet those deadlines and keep you from procrastinating in your classes. Some ideas for planner organization include:

  • – Write assignments and test dates down as soon as you hear them. If you procrastinate on writing it down, you may not remember to write it down later.
  • – Color code your planner–either by class or by activity (homework, tests, extracurriculars). You can color code using different colored pens/pencils, highlighters, or sticky notes.
  • Keep it clean, use correction tape or white-out when necessary. A messy planner will be hard to read and decipher due dates.
  • Add fun activities to your planner like extracurriculars, spirit days, dances, and friends birthdays. You’ll be a lot more willing to check your planner if you know it’s not all work you need to do inside.
  • For more organizational ideas for your planner, check out the following links: “How to Organize Your Agenda” and “How to Organize Your School Planner”

Pay attention, take good notes and read them. Don’t just rely on the study guides.”
-Margaret Hall, Algebra II

  • Get a good night’s rest, so you will be alert during class. Stay awake in class–you might learn something!
  • Be prepared when you get to class. You know you’re going to need a notebook/paper, a pen/pencil, and your book. Don’t forget these things at home. You can’t take notes without them!
  • Organization is key when note-taking. Use key words and write in short sentences. You don’t have to write everything down while the teacher is writing. 
  • Review your notes later the same day. This way you can remember what was said and fill in any gaps that you may have left.
  • Find a note taking system that works with you. Some students do well with linear note taking, while others do better with mind-mapping.
  • Having trouble with your note-taking skills? Check out these two blogs for ways to improve your skills: “Back to the Basics: Note-taking” and “Taking Notes: 5 College Success Tips.”

“A great positive attitude and a good work ethic helps student have a much better year.”
-Richard Harsch, Math

  • “Start by entering the classroom with a positive attitude. Going to class thinking, “This is the last place I want to be today” only sets the stage for inattentive listening. Approaching lectures with a positive attitude allows one to be open-minded and enables you to get the most out of the information presented.”- Vivinette K. Dietsche, 5 College Success Tips Blog
  • Having a positive attitude will also help you build good relationships with your teachers. The school year goes better for everyone when you have the right attitude, especially from day one.

NHS Seniors were asked “If you could give your freshmen self advice, what would you tell her?”

Teachers are here to encourage you; they are willing to help. You might be afraid to talk with them about problems, don’t be – they are here for you. Establish relationships with your teachers right away and leave the lines of communication open – for any reason.”
-Essence, Senior 2018. Plans to attend college in California and study Neuroscience


Step out of your comfort zone both academically and socially. BRHS offers so many opportunities to grow. Take different classes even though you might not excel at them. Challenging yourself will help you prepare for college and beyond.”
-Radhika, Senior 2018. Plans to attend LSU to major in Chemistry


Relax, enjoy your classes – this is a once in a lifetime experience. You’re very impressionable – remember to keep you integrity intact.
-Abbie, Senior 2017. Plans to attend BYU to study International Relations