2017-2018 Slate of the Board Of Directors

Per the Foundation Bylaws, we are announcing that the following slate of Officers and Directors will be submitted to the assembled members for election at the Annual Member Dinner Meeting May 24, 2017

Executive Officers:

President  ~ Mimi Barnum Riché, Class of 1964

Vice President ~ James O. Harp, Jr., Class of 1978

Secretary ~ Norma Rutledge, Class of 1966*

Treasurer ~ Brent Evans, Class of 1987

Past President ~ Matt Robinson, Class of 1989



Hannah Koch Amoroso, Class of 1995

David Fabre, Class of 1975

Angela Cheng Finch, Class of 1989

Bettsie Baker Miller, Class of 1973*

Tom Pertuit, Class of 1964

John Underwood, Faculty Member*

Mukul Verma, Parent of Student

*Indicates freshman members.