BRHS Real World Design Team Heads to Nationals

BRMHS Real World Design team

Top Row: Kristopher Luviano-Alfaro, Jack Thibodeaux (Team Leader, and Riley Devall. Bottom Row: Dylan Crump, Nicholas Anderson, Luis DePaz, and Christian Fontenot

Baton Rouge High School Design & Drafting students are the State of Louisiana Winner of the 2016-2017 Real World Design Governor’s Challenge.  The team of seven students, Seniors Jack Thibodeaux (Team Leader), Dylan Crump, and Khristofer Luviano-Alfaro; Juniors Nicholas Anderson, Luis DePaz, Riley Devall, and Christian Fontenot; and Faculty Advisor Peter Oelschlaeger.  The challenge was to design a Small-Unmanned Aircraft System to survey agricultural fields measuring soil moisture levels to assist farmers in managing crops.  Additionally, they developed a second application (monitoring the structural integrity of buildings), identified and sourced components, wrote a business model and plan for national distribution and support.  The team used SolidWorks and other specialized software to design the aircraft. They will next move on to the National Competition in Washington DC in April. Team leader Jack Thibodeaux said, “The team really came together. Our win was due to the hard work and collaboration of the team members. We are going to put in our best effort to win the national competition.”

Congratulations Bulldogs!! Keep raising your banners higher and make us proud at the National Competition!

At the National Competition, teams from the U.S. and China competed on the Design of an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). At the National Competition, Baton Rouge High School was named the Best First Year Team! Congratulations to the students who worked so hard on this project.

Real World Design Team Nationals