Spotlight On…Sarah Procopio

Sarah Procopio - headshot

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Procopio has been named the EBR Student of the Year. Congratulations Sarah, and good luck on the state level!

BRHS Senior, Sarah Procopio is not only BRHS Student of the Year, but she was also recently recognized as a 2017 Senate Youth Scholar. Both of these honors were mentioned in a recent article you can access by clicking HERE. We caught up with Sarah this month and asked about her experience at BRHS, in youth legislature, and her plans for the future. She is a bright young woman with a passion for public service, specifically in Baton Rouge.


What made you decide to attend BRHS?

Baton Rouge High had a great reputation, and the facilities had just been redone so the campus was gorgeous.

What classes and extracurricular activities are you involved in at BRHS?

My schedule this semester consist of AP Comparative Politics, AP English & Literature, AP World History, Journalism, Physics, and Advanced Math. Additionally, I am involved with Youth & Government Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, and Economics Club.

What does it mean to you to be selected as Student of the Year?

Being Student of the Year is an honor and privilege because I have a platform to relay Baton Rouge High’s message of growth through challenge. Baton Rouge High is the best high school in the state of Louisiana, and getting to serve my school as Student of the Year is such a blessing.

As a Senate Youth Scholar, what are you most excited about with this program? What are you looking forward to experiencing in Washington DC during the program in March?

As someone whose primary area of interest lies in politics, being a Senate Youth Scholar is the ultimate experience. In previous years the Senate Youth Scholars have been able to meet the president of the United States and receive a tour of the Supreme Court House from an actual Supreme Court justice, and I think those two experiences together are what I am looking forward to the most.

Sarah Procopio - Group photo

Sarah Procopio (right) with fellow LYAC member, Marian Luzier, and LA State Senator, Mike Walsworth.

Besides those two honors, what do you consider your other major accomplishments?

In my junior year, I was able to draft and pass legislation through Louisiana’s state legislature that looked into the possibility of creating a public-private partnership with businesses and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to lease the naming rights of public infrastructure to generate revenue for the state. The experience gave me a lot of insight into the minutia of passing legislation, and I was honored to meet many of my state leaders while going through the process. Also, last year I was elected by the delegates at the YMCA’s Youth Legislature conference to serve as governor for the next year. In my roll, I will oversee more than 300 students who will participate in a mock legislative conference and broaden their understanding of our governmental system.

What have been your biggest challenges at BRHS so far?

Budgeting my time is always a challenge. Due to my commitment in so many different organizations, while also working, I have trouble keeping my schedule free of conflicts.

What are some of your best memories from your 4 years here at BRHS?

I have some really fond memories of eating lunch outside in the front of BRHS under the shade of oak trees with my friends just talking about class.

Do you have any favorite teachers? Which ones and what makes these teachers stand out?

Both Mr. Peek and Mr. Donald’s classes have been standout ones when I think back over my experiences at BRHS. Mr. Peek does a good job of explaining the circumstances surrounding governmental decisions, and his passion for the material comes through when he lectures. Mr. Donald has a way of engaging students when he teaches that I have never experienced in any other teacher’s pedagogy. I always found myself looking forward to going to his class.

What plans/goals do you have for your future, after graduation from BRHS?

In the Fall next semester, I plan on attending LSU and being involved with their honors college. I wish to study political communication and be as involved with the communities at LSU and in Baton Rouge as I can.

Do you have any tips for underclassmen and incoming freshmen on how to be successful at BRHS?

You can’t be perfect at everything. Find the thing you enjoy the most and spend the bulk of your time and energy being amazing at that one thing as opposed to trying to be just okay at a lot of things. That does not mean you should not try to be well-rounded, but at the end of the day, everyone has a specialty. Find yours and run with it.